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9 circles pt 3 gluttony 9 circles pt 3 gluttony

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Im sorry :(

I thought this one would top the other two. The guitar part made me feel some sort of frightened emotion. Not the feeling of over eating. I thought it would be more fitting if you had this song to be more like a slipknot song. (Diluted) I dont know Im not a music composer. But still. The emotion you provoked in part 2 made me want to just... I dont know it was just portraied really nicely.

But other than all that jazz your still my fave audio person.4/5 7/10

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9 circles pt 1 limbo 9 circles pt 1 limbo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow man!

You sir are the beez knees. I loved both of your circles. I cant wait for gluttony. I would Imagine that it would be more of a grunge song rather than anything else. Because when you listen to that kind of music it just makes a unsettling feel in your stomach.
Have you ever played Dantes Inferno? Is that where you get some inspiration for these songs. If not you should play the game its for 360 and ps3.

parlormonkey responds:

thanks i get my inspiration from the divine comedy which dantes inferno is very loosley based of. as to gluttony i havent thought how im going to tackle that yet you'll just have to wait and see