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I love Ambien Stephen King and Iron Maiden. Do you use a scanner for your works?

Taacoon responds:

Each of those things rock, but when used together, they are a treat which is rivaled by few.

Yes, yes I do. Just a normal Hp printer/scanner deal.


You could of made the clit look more.. well realistic..
Other than that small thing the rest of the piece is fine.
7/10 4/5

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Recklessarts responds:

Yeah I know, at the time I drew it I didn't give it much thought but now lookin back at it that bit of detail annoys me too lol.

This should seriously be a video game

Its soo awesome

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Wow...you sir..

I greatly appreciate this piece but I just dont understand the hands. They look like some sort of hand dragon. I just dont know. Anyways it still looks rad as fuck. and It could be a awesome t-shirt

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Weenog responds:

i must admit the hands seem a bit off in retrospect. i've have however been flirting with the idea of getting this print on a t-shirt ever since you said that ^^ thanks for the kind words and just critique


You dont really use actually paint right. you use computer paint...right.
If that even makes sense I like the blue color constrast on the girl. it gives it an extra sense of eeriness.

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upon responds:

It's a digital painting. Lots of people seem to be adverse to considering digital illustrations as true paintings but I am not. Digital paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, it's all the same thing. Thanks!


I can hardly paint myself. And I know drawing still life is hard. So I give you props man great piece.

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This is my translation to english from what u said

Death looks for each _________r homes; so the dead ones should be a right to rest either in peace into all eternity or itself into other Sp______to cavort. Unfortunately with Zombies the case is not. From ___________up-arise these dead ones , in order to refresh itself with the meat from the living persons to. They avoid the daylight and lie in wait in the dark.________ are a popular place of residence. Watched out, who from a Zombie consumes becomes, the same fate suffers and must do _________ r on ground connection as dead one after fresh meat crave always here.
Awesome picture Btw

I love this.

I love drawing evil clowns too!
They are just so fun to draw the big red nose and with their crazy red hair, ridiculously huge smile. And the blood is just great love your work.
10/10 + favorite.

Was this done on Ms Paint?

Because if it was its remarkable work. Everything I make on paint looks like a heap of dog shit.
Awesome work 5/5 9/10

Letal responds:

Nope it's made at 100% with Photoshop. And with only the mouse.

If there was more detail.

You could probably do character design for major video games!

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