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Love the inner mouth. It reminds me of pacific rim.

Wow, this has great potential. Maybe like a alternate universe all pokemon are machines.

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Fingus1 responds:

It would probably make more sense that way ;l

Fantastic I love all your work.

Jakubias responds:

Thanks dude!

I don't really understand the concept. So anubis and a gun totting ghost are happy because they are ripping a guy's face off. Anubis is spicing his dinner while reading a brochure. Why. I like the limited color palete tho it gives it a nice touch.

Reminds me of the crucible. How in america we would accuse people of being witches just if we didn't like them, the detail on the knife is great. Its hard to tell what exactly is going on in this picture, Since there isn't really a description its open to interpretation. I think the man in the foreground represents guilt. The sack could have anything inside it, a family pet, a family member, but it represents death, then the people in the background represent our bandwagon/cookie cutter society.
I love this drawing. You're such a talented artist. I hope to be as good as you one point in my life.

Jakubias responds:

Thanks for a great comment!
But actually, the sack in his hand is a 15th-16th hat. :P And I hope you have ambition to push farther than I've gone! Good luck!

Oh god, this is so beautiful, First of all I'm amazed at the little details that really give this piece its more unique quality. The colorful shining metal makes me think of rainbow oxidized metal, seen on like knives and things like that, the character almost looks like a possessed Nazi superman, and it really looks captivating and unique, I love this sooo much, great work. 5/5 5/5

Really awesome, the axe is a little puny though, but other than that its pretty impressive I love warhammer 40k

Love it, maybe a background would of been good?

Personally I like the death guard better, whenever I think of the thousand suns it reminds me too much of the necrons, This is a great piece it flows really well, its so in detail you could almost hear the electric zapping of the power sword and the metal clanking of the spent bullet casings clashing against the ground. This must of taken you soo long and anyone could aprreciate how much work went into making this.. Its really good 5/5 5/5.

This is fucking blindingly beautiful, I love the monochromatic part of this its really great, and I love his huge powerfist pinching a skull. You can really see how much effort you put into this piece with all of the layering. Really great. 5/5 ..5/5

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